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Antiques Roadshow

Vintage Baltimore

Its been 15 years since the the Roadshow first visited Baltimore. We uncover some dramatic changes in the value of key appraisals. Highlights include an Edgar Allen Poe-inscribed book; a Titanic collection; and a Frederick De Wit atlas, ca. 1680, that jumped approximately $20,000 in value.


Globe Trekker

Special: World War II

Our Trekkers visit many of the European sites that played a major role in World War II. From the forests of Compiegne in northern France to the island of Crete. This episode visits Nuremberg, Vienna, Dunkirk, the Italian town of Anzio, the Normandy beaches, Dresden, Berlin and Auschwitz.



Poor Kids

These are hard times in the Quad Cities, a great American crossroads along the border of Iowa and Illinois, where the Mississippi River intersects Interstate 80. Follow three young girls in this unflinching and revealing exploration of what poverty means to children.


Miller Center's
American Forum

Stokely Carmichael, Freedom Summer
50 Years Later

Historian Peniel Joseph on his new biography of legendary radical African American Civil Rights activist Stokely Carmichael-who launched the "Black Power" movement in defiance of the traditional civil rights leadership in the 1960s.

Embracing Our Military
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Becky transforms from a mild-mannered 5th grader to a superhero with colossal word power.


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FeatureNature: Echo, An Elephant to Remember

Echo, the elephant matriarch, was the subject of many films and the leader of a herd of elephants.

Stop Bullying American Graduate