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Whitney Reynolds Show

With a news background and passion for people have been combined to create a show that is helping to change the world of talk TV. Whitney delivers important topics, inspiring viewers and provoking positive change.

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Globe Trekker

Road Trip: Rust Belt Highway, USA 2

In part two Megan explores the American Midwest and its Great Lake states in search of the innovations that ignited an industrial revolution and united America after the divisive conflict of a bloody civil war.

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The Nuclear Option

Five years after the Fukushima disaster, the future of nuclear power is in question. Join engineers as they embark on an unprecedented cleanup and investigate new nuclear technologies that would prevent future meltdowns.

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American Experience

Command and Control

Discover the terrifying truth behind one of America's most dangerous nuclear accidents-the deadly 1980 incident at an Arkansas Titan II missile complex-in this chilling, minute-by-minute account of the long-hidden story.

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The Test

This program explorese the history of atomic testing in Nevada, atomic tourism, and the consequences of being in Nevada's "atomic backyard." See how the former test site serves today in preparing first responders for the fight against terrorism and other dangers.

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BBC World News goes beyond the headlines to provide context & analysis.

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Whitney Reynolds' passion for people creates an engaging program.

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Find out what's happening in The Cities with host Jim Mertens.

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Mr. Scott Vibrant Neighborhoods WQPT KIDS

There's much to explore just outside your own front door. Mr. Scott offers many suggestions for you and your family.


Vibrant Neighborhoods explores the impact and value of immigrant communities here in our region.


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Recently on The Cities

In this episode of The Cities, Jim talks with Iowa State Senator Rita Hart (D) and Iowa State Representative Ross Paustian (R) Walcott, Iowa about the upcoming legislative session. Plus James Zahara, Chief Meteorologist WQAD.

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