WQPT 30 Years WQPT 30 Years WQPT 30 Years

Serving Viewers Like You Since 1983

WQPT–Quad Cities PBS was born out of an idea ten years in the making. WQPT founding father and first General Manager Robert Fletcher, along with the help and determination of individuals like Robert White and Chuck Laws made the station a reality. At the time, the Quad Cities was the largest metropolitan area in the nation that did not have its own Public Television station. WQPT was founded on the mission of providing education for everyone by creating a virtual classroom for the entire region.

On Thursday, November 3, 1983 WQPT signed on the air with just four hours of programming. That night no one could have imagined what WQPT become. Determined like its volunteers and founding fathers, WQPT has achieved great success. Moreover, the station is an "impressive collection of talented and visionary folks;" volunteers, staff and community members who have stepped up to each challenge with perseverance, dedication and tenacity—to achieve the seemingly impossible with limited resources and numerous challenges along the way. Simply stated, "the little engine that could." Throughout the years WQPT staff, volunteers and members have remained steadfast in their strength of purpose.

WQPT: Thirty Years, A Million Thanks


A Rich Tradition

We have come a long way since WQPT first hit the airwaves in 1983. Today we continue our rich tradition of providing programs and services that you won't find anywhere else. WQPT has always been and continues to be a nonprofit gem for everyone in our region. We hope you feel as passionately about supporting public broadcasting as we do. WQPT remains one of a few places where you know you will find outstanding quality in the programs we air and the services we provide.

Quad CitiesSince our humble beginnings WQPT has grown and today over half a million TV viewers have access to our programming though open-air signals or local cable systems. Not only does WQPT broadcast public television, we also broadcast a secondary channel—MHz Worldview—on channel 24.2.

Additionally, we provide many non-broadcast educational services, as well as college credit through Black Hawk College. You may learn about employment opportunities and view our public files for additional information about the station.

We would like to thank our supporters for their loyal support. Every contribution, regardless of size, helps us continue our mission both on-air and in the educational outreach initiatives we provide to the communities we serve.



Our viewers, the communities and region we serve the PBS network continually remark at the depth at which we provide education initiatives, activities and events. View myWQPT, and see how we put your dollars into action.


America's Largest Classroom

WQPT along with PBS serves as America's largest classroom, the country's largest stage for the arts and a trusted window to the world that is available to everyone. Our programs help viewers in our region understand the latest front-page headlines, cutting-edge scientific discoveries, natural disasters and even the value of what's in their attics.

Research confirms that public television's programming for children builds critical skills that are essential for success in school. With the help of PBS Kids characters such as Elmo and Whyatt of Super Why!, abstract symbols transform into letters and letters into words. With the help of Curious George, Buddy of Dinosaur Train and The Cat in the Hat, children learn more than how to count; they learn the fundamentals of geology, physics and biology—opening doors of opportunity for all children, even those who can't attend pre-school.

WQPT continues to provide more programming, educational opportunities and information to our viewers in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. Thanks for tuning into WQPT—your local PBS station.