Activity Booklet

PBS KIDS Raising Readers
Activity Booklet

A Message for Parents

Learning to read is a big step for any child, and it's even more fun when you do it together. With you by their sides, children can learn to read step by step, practicing important skills and finding the magic of stories.

PBS KIDS Raising Readers has created this activity book to partner with you, your child, and your child's doctor to make reading a fun and simple part of everyday life. Whether you're singing, telling stories, searching for letters, or discovering new words together, we hope your family enjoys this book. PBS KIDS Raising Readers is committed to raising healthy readers.

Visit for more games, tips, and activities. And talk to your child's doctor about ways to help your family be healthy and happy.


Activity Booklet


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PBS KIDS Raising Readers Activity Booklet

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PBS KIDS Raising Readers is part of the Ready To Learn initiative, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, in partnership with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, PBS and the Ready To Learn Partnership. This activity booklet is made available by Viewers Like You and WQPT—Quad Cities PBS.


Pbs Kids

Make the most out of TV Times

Watch with kids...

Ask children questions about what is happening on screen and what might happen next.

Make connections...

between things that are happening in the show and in your child's world.

Play "I Spy"...

ask kids to spot words as they appear on screen.

Have fun...

Act out scenes, draw pictures, play games,
and sing songs that build on
what your child has learned.


Our website is a valuable resource for parents and child care providers. Check out our WQPT's Kids section to reinforce the quality programs we offer, as well as free downloads like this Activity Booklet available on this web page.


WQPT also offers a variety of valuable information for both parents and educators within our Educational Outreach section of this website.


And visit the Ready To Learn Reading website to play fun literacy games featuring characters from PBS KIDS Raising Readers shows.

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