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Mr. Scott a short subject program featuring WQPT's own Scott Brouette, designed to help encourage children ask questions, try different ways of using materials, and offer them a wide range of new experiences. The series presents parents and and caregivers with easy, inexpensive or free ways to interact with children and help them discover the wonders surrounding them. Whether it be a new way to look at trees or a fun new way to spell their names.

Whether at home or in preschool, children like to really get involved in activities and to experience the "engagement" that is such an important foundation for learning.
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“Young children learn through exploration and play. When children are encouraged to explore the world around them with the people they love, learning becomes a very powerful principal of their life.”

— Mr. Scott


Download instructions to make your Own Exploration Kit. (PDF)

Mud Blocks

Western Illinois University-Quad Cities Campus, Moline

Rainy days can be a lot of fun. Especially in your own back yard! In this episode learn how to make mud into building blocks that can be used over and over again!

Materials: Soil, water, small containers, large tub


Color Search

Stampe Lilac Garden, Davenport

The Stampe Lilac Garden in Davenport, Iowa is filled with many different flowers. Using your sense of sight, search the garden for different colors. You may even find your favorite color!

Materials: Notebook, marker


Nest Building

Credit Island, Davenport

Many different animals build nests, but first they have to find the materials. On Credit Island there are many different materials that can be used to build a nest. So start collecting and build your own nest!

Materials: Leaves, grass, sticks, feathers
and any other materials that you find


Treasure Hunt

Ben Butterworth Parkway, Moline

Treasure is different for everyone. Walking along the Ben Butterworth Parkway in Moline, Illinois is a great place to search for treasure. See what you can find on your walk!

Materials: A container to hold your treasure


Socks & Seeds

Credit Island, Davenport

Some plants need help to spread their seeds and continue to grow. Many seeds are designed to hitch a ride onto anything that walks by. Let’s help the plants on Credit Island spread their seeds! Take a walk through the park without your shoes and see what seeds hitch a ride on your socks!

Materials: Old socks, soil, water & a small pot


Insect Count

Vander Veer Botanical Park, Davenport

Insects are everywhere you look, but there are way to many for just one person to count—unless you choose a single plant and count the insects that land on it. In this episode, Mr. Scott visits Vander Veer Botanical Park and counts the number of butterflies and other insects that land on a plant.

Materials: None


How High Can
You Count?

Ben Butterworth Parkway, Moline

You can find numbers in many different places as you are out walking. Make it a game! Start with 1 and see how many numbers you can identify. How high can you count on your next walk?

Materials: Notebook & a pencil


Non-Traditional Measurement

Vander Veer Botanical Park, Davenport

Mr. Scott shows how you can use traditional measuring tools (like a tape measure) or non-traditional items (like cicada shells, your hands, and even your own feet) to measure all sorts of things while you're at places like Vander Veer Botanical Park in Davenport. You could use anything in your exploration kit as a unit of measure.

Materials: Tape Measure, Tongs, Brushes, Magnifying Glass, Rolls of Tape, and Notebook


Letter Search

Gildea's Pocket Park, Davenport

Parks like Gildea's Pocket Park are filled with letters. In this episode, Mr. Scott searches and finds the letters in his name by looking in trees, under his feet, and everywhere in between. Use the materials in your exploration kit to find and write the letters in your name.

Materials: Notebook and Pencil

Ground Exploration

Gildea's Pocket Park, Davenport

There are so many exciting things you can find on the ground when you're at a park like Gildea's Pocket Park in Davenport. In this episode, Mr. Scott finds all sorts of interesting things in just a handful of pea gravel. Use the sorting tray in your exploration kit to sort all the amazing treasures you find.

Materials: Sorting Tray


Adopt A Tree

Ben Butterworth Parkway, Moline

Trees are amazing and many of them change with the seasons! Choose a tree that you can visit throughout the year and observe what happens. Do the leaves change colors? Do different animals visit tree? Does the tree get bigger? Document the changes with a camera or sketch them in a notebook. Visit the tree often and get to know the changes that occur as the weather changes.


Leaf Sounds

Black Hawk State Historic Site, Rock Island

Leaves come in all shapes and sizes, but do they make sounds? In this episode, Mr. Scott encourages you to explore the leaves around you and make grass whistle while you visit places like Black Hawk State Historic Site in Rock Island.

Materials: None


Nature Bracelet

Ben Butterworth Parkway, Moline

It doesn't take much to create a beautiful nature bracelet when you visit places like the Black Hawk State Historic Site. In this episode, Mr. Scott shows how you can turn a simple piece of tape into an amazing nature bracelet with things you can find all around you.

Materials: Wide Tape


Number Walk

Ben Butterworth Parkway, Moline

Video Coming Soon

Give your body AND your brain some exercise when you visit places like Ben Butterworth Parkway in Moline. In this episode, Mr. Scott shows how you can find and count numbers while out on a walk.

Materials: None


About Mr. Scott

Scott BrouetteMr. Scott is currently Assistant Director for Western Illinois University-Quad Cities Student Affairs and Program Director for the WIU-QC/WQPT AmeriCorps Early Childhood Literacy Project.

As a former Lead Teacher at Illinois State University Child Care Center and Western Illinois University Infant and Preschool Center, Mr. Scott Scott strived to create a safe, caring and educational environment for young children.

Scott Brouette received an Associate of Arts degree from Moraine Valley Community College and has earned Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology, Mass Communication and Early Childhood Education from Illinois State University. He holds a Master's degree in Elementary Education from Western Illinois University.

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