November NOVA Episodes

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NOVA Feature

Surviving Ebola

Hear reports from the Ebola hot zone and from labs where scientists are racing to find a cure. In December 2013, in a small village in West Africa, a young boy died from the dreaded disease, Ebola. Over the next nine months, the virulent killer would claim more victims than all previous Ebola epidemics put together. This program includes chilling first-hand interviews of what it’s like to contract—and survive—this terrible affliction.

Sunday, November 2 at 7:00pm.
Thursday, November 6 at 11:00pm.


NOVA Feature

Ben Franklin’s Balloons

The first stage in the adventure of human flight began with daring inventors and aeronauts in 18th-century Paris, where a handful of brilliant and colorful pioneers developed all the essential features of today’s hot air and gas balloons. Their exploits fascinated Benjamin Franklin, who was serving in Paris as the American ambassador. To explore this burst of innovation, NOVA re-creates key flights, including the world’s first manned voyage on November 21, 1783.

Sunday, November 9 at 7:00pm.
Thursday, November 13 at 11:00pm.


NOVA Feature

First Air War

When World War I began in 1914, the air forces of the opposing nations consisted of handfuls of rickety biplanes from which pilots occasionally took pot shots at one another with rifles. By 1918, the fighter had become an efficient killing machine with a growing strategic impact on the outcome of the war. NOVA uncover secrets of some colorful and deadly early flying machines and explore their role in WWI.

Sunday, November 16 at 7:00pm.
Thursday, November 20 at 11:00pm.


NOVA Feature

Bigger Than T. Rex

Almost a century ago, paleontologists found fossil bones from a dinosaur that was bigger than Tyrannosaurus rex. The Spinosaurus fossils were destroyed in a WWII bombing raid. Now, the discovery of new bones in Morocco is reopening the investigation into this epic beast. Follow the paleontologists who are reconstructing this terrifying carnivore, a 53-foot-long behemoth with a huge dorsal sail, scimitar-like claws and super-jaws.

Sunday, November 23 at 7:00pm.
Thursday, November 27 at 11:00pm.


NOVA Feature

Emperor’s Ghost Army

In central China, a vast underground mausoleum conceals a life-size terracotta army of cavalry, infantry, horses, chariots, weapons, administrators, acrobats, and musicians, all built to serve China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huang Di, in the afterlife. Lost and forgotten for over 2,200 years, this clay army, 8,000-strong, stands poised to help the First Emperor rule again beyond the grave.

NOVA tests the power of these weapons with high-action experiments and reports on revolutionary 3D computer modeling techniques that are revealing new insights into how the clay figures were made, revealing in the process the secrets of one of archeology's greatest discoveries.

Sunday, November 30 at 7:00pm.
Thursday, December 4 at 11:00pm.

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