River Vision 2020

Made possible by:

The Moline Foundation
WQPT–Quad Cities PBS
City of Moline
Renew Moline

About the initiative

The Moline riverfront is one of the jewels in the crown of the Quad Cities area. River Vision 2020 seeks the best ways to utilize that gem. Citizen input is critical to the success of Moline's Riverfront strategic plan, including but not limited to the use of physical buildings, landscaping and quality of life amenities. In other words what do residents, community leaders and businesses want to see on the Moline riverfront? Residents were invited to help chart the perfect course for riverfront development in the areas of Moline Centre, the Florciente Neighborhood, and Edgewater.


Why is this important?

WQPT was chosen to facilitate the discussion and convene key stakeholders. Because of our wide and diverse audience base we were able to attract many participants. The meetings were open, accessible and highly publicized. It was important to engage with the community in a fair, unbiased way. WQPT, while qualified to lead discussion, was in the unique position to encourage the community to find answers. It was truly green light thinking. If all signs say YES it can happen, what would our community look like if it did? This type of thinking is vital to progress and the fostering of new inventive ideas. Focusing on the positive and eliminating any road blocks aided in the discussion. Regenerating ideas from the past and considering why they might be possible today was beneficial.

Who Participated

River Action • YMCA • Residents • Business Owners • Mayors • Alderman • City Administrators
Real Estate Professionals • Investors • Architects • Students


Winning Project Idea Video

Moline resident Sean Turnipseed produced the winning project idea for River Vision 2020.
He received a $500 educational stipend from The Moline Foundation to assist with his
studies. Sean is majoring in Elementary Education at Western Illinois University–Quad Cities.

View all of the video submissions.


How Did it Happen?

Three opportunities were offered to the community for in person discussions with an average attendance of 20 people. Offline feedback was solicited through our website and Facebook page. WQPT received numerous phone calls as well. The conversations were intimate (5–7 in a group) focusing on each of three areas: Floreciente, Edgewater and Moline Centre.

Unique and innovative suggestions were made,
but common themes did emerge.

— Bike friendly; commuter friendly services and rentals
— Family-friendly activities and attractions
— Maintaining "green space"
— Enhancements and maintenance of already successful attractions (eg. Ben Butterworth & Schweibert Park)
— Respecting residential areas and tax payers
— Self-sustaining
— Partnering with neighboring cities is critical; share the same river, no boundaries
— Better signage and historical markers
— Rerouting of heavy truck traffic from high-traffic activity areas


River Vision 2020 By The Numbers

68 participants attended the in-person
community conversations

7 young professionals and Western Illinois University-Quad Cities students submitted videos

15 Illinois Quad Cities Rotary members
received a report on River Vision

6 Facebook users made comments or asked questions

2,400 community "voters"

2 citizens wrote letters to WQPT

More than 3,301 visitors have viewed the River Vision 2020 website developed by WQPT


What's Next?

The feedback from the community will be shared with city planners, developers and consultants so ideas may be considered and incorporated in future plans. Attendees who have requested additional information about this project will be kept informed via e-mail as allowed. Participants are encouraged to continue advocating for their favorite ideas through continued involvement in the process as well as by reaching out to the elected officials who represent them.


Who is Involved?

Numerous partners were instrumental in making this project a success.
For additional information, contact key organizers for River Vision 2020.

Jeff Anderson, City of Moline


Janet Mathis, Renew Moline

Joy Boruff, Moline Foundation molinefoundation@qconline.com

Jamie Lange, WQPT