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WQPT Aspire Higher
Mission Accomplished

Reaching further.

WQPT PBS is special. Every day, tens of thousands of regional residents are inspired, educated, and enlightened by our locally-produced programs and national PBS content. Parents reply on WQPT's, trustworthy educational children’s programming. Regional military families have enjoyed WQPT-sponsored stories and events recognizing their dedicated service and sacrifices. From Masterpiece to NOVA, and Sesame Street to This Old House, WQPT PBS provides a comprehensive package of programs for everyone.

The importance of access. We believe that everyone in our viewing region deserves great media. For almost 40 years we have strived to provide people of every age and interest with a classroom, a passport, and a stage for the arts.

Strengthening our communities. WQPT PBS provides viewers and residents transformative, engaging content. We help prepare our youngest learners for school and life through our outreach initiatives and activities. At WQPT PBS, we are embracing innovation to sustain and expand. We continue to grow our endowment so future generations can enjoy your public broadcasting station.

Aspire Higher at a Glance


WQPT Aspire Higher


In January 2020 we began the public phase of the Aspire Higher capital campaign. Based on viewer feedback and market research the value and importance of WQPT PBS to the entire region was of paramount importance. With the support of donors, regional partners and viewers like you, WQPT PBS has made an unprecedented investment in new technology, critical upgrades and infrastructure improvements.

WQPT Aspire Higher

Technology Enhancements

The Aspire Higher capital improvements included two primary items: physically raising our broadcast antenna 300 feet higher on the tower in Orion, Illinois and secondly replacing our television transmitter with a more powerful, modernized unit. These new technology assets benefit viewers and both Iowa and Illinois. These improvements were completed in March 2021.

WQPT Aspire Higher


The new antenna increases our transmission power, strengthens our signal and improves reception dramatically throughout the viewing area. It also assures our eligibility for inclusion on local cable and satellite systems. In short, this clear, more robust transmission enables more regional residents to view our programming with the same level of quality as the signals received from other broadcasters.

A Stronger, Expanded Reach.

The WQPT PBS broadcast antenna was raised 300 feet higher on the tower in Orion, Illinois. In addtion, the television transmitter was replaced with a more powerful unit along with all of the additional cooling and engineering equipment needed to complete the signal improvement program. In March 2021, the switch to the new transmitter was completed. "We are now broadcasting from our new antenna location at the top of the tower with 27,500 watts of power—far exceeding the 4,100 watts that we were able to coax out of our old transmitter," said Terry Wilson, WQPT PBS Director of Development.

The result: A stronger, expanded reach for viewers throughout the region—allowing us to provide people of every age and interest with a classroom, a passport, and a stage for the arts.

Dawn Schmitt, WQPT PBS Interim General Manager added, "as a result of numerous donors and our viewers working toward this end, over-the-air viewers should be receiving a stronger signal from WQPT. If they have been unable to receive our channel in the past they may need to rescan their personal antenna to receive our main channel on 24.1 and our secondary channel on 24.2 broadcasting Deutsche Welle," Schmitt said.


We extend our thanks and appreciation to our leadership donors, partners and support from viewers like you who helped ensure quality television and educational outreach services for the entire region.

Special thanks to Mary Pruess, former WQPT General Manager, who initiated and coordinated the campaign along with co-chairs Bill Breedlove and John Callas, and committee members Joe & Ana Kehoe, Julie McHard Shike, Gary Rowe and Dr. Edward Littig.

Thank you.

Aspire Higher Leadership Donors

Donors made significant and generous donations to the Aspire Higher campaign.
Their support, along with yours ensure quality television and educational outreach services for the entire region.


Arconic Foundation

Dr. Joe Rives & Scott Brouette

Doris and Victory Day Foundation

Diane & Hunt Harris Family Foundation

Rosemary & Dean Huisingh

IH Mississippi Credit Union

MidAmerican Energy Company

The Moline Foundation

Elisabeth & Samuel Norwood

The Ontiveros Family Fund at the Quad Cities Community Foundation

Regional Development Authority

Scott County Regional Authority

Deborah & Mark Schwiebert

Julie & Daryl Shike

Tri-City Electric Company

An Impactful Regional Reach

WQPT PBS' viewing area reaches across eastern Iowa from Bellevue to Fort Madison and from Macomb to Dixon in Illinois, including the metro Quad Cities. WQPT PBS seves a potential audience of nearly 750,000 people throughout the bi-state area with two channels both airing 24-hours a day.
Aspire Higher expands our reach today and for future generations.

WQPT Aspire Higher