FREE Family Concert

Being Bilingual Rocks!

Saturday, May 18 | 6:00PM

Western Illinois University, Quad Cities Campus, Moline

Join us for this free family concert!

Saturday, May 18

Western Illinois University
Quad Cities Campus, Moline


Being Bilingual Rocks! is a celebration of love, acceptance and diversity. Everyone is invited to sing, dance.

An eclectic blend of original and traditional songs from Latin America, taking kids and families on a musical journey with a mix of bossanova, rumba-flamenco, contemporary Caribbean beats, bluegrass twang and humor.

Alina Celeste and Mi Amigo Hamlet, are both Parents' Choice Gold Award Winners for their bilingual music for kids and families. They were honored as Jubilation Foundation fellows in 2020 and recognized as "Helpers" by the Parents' Choice Foundation for their invaluable contribution of daily, live, bilingual classes streaming online, bringing learning and joy into homes during the recent pandemic.

Alina and Hamlet combine 20 years of experience in fine arts photography, oil painting, mixed media, paper art, music, bilingual content creation and education. This video series will provide an extra tool to engage with educators, families and students in a positive, creative, and multilingual way.
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Family Concert
Family Concert
Family Concert
Family Concert
Family Concert
Family Concert

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