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Looking for fun, inexpensive outdoor activities?

WQPT PBS' Mr. Scott encourages children to ask questions, try different ways of using materials, and explore the world around them. Mr. Scott shares inexpensive (or free) ways to interact with children and help them discover the wonders surrounding them. Whether it be a new way to look at trees or a fun new way to spell their names—it's fun to explore right outside your home. In addition, Mr. Scott videos give you simple instructions to help kids have fun! Explore more


Lyla in the Loop

Lyla in the Loop, a funny and engaging new animated series for kids ages 4-8. The series follows Lyla, a dynamic 7-year-old girl who lives in a big city with her close-knit family, fantastical blue sidekick Stu, and a host of relatable and quirky characters in her community, who use creative and strategic problem-solving and critical thinking skills to address a range of everyday problems together. The new series will debut in both English and Spanish.

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