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Embracing Our Military

Community partners working together to inspire and educate.

Raising awareness of the challenges facing our military members, veteran communities, and their families.

Embracing Our Military creates and facilitates an on-going community-based dialog featuring special events, monthly programming and more to support and help educate the region about this multi-faceted population.

Additionally, WQPT PBS and its community partners connect the regional military community to resources; fostering an understanding of military life; examining the societal perception of soldiers and the wars they fight; highlighting regional veterans and their stories; and celebrating the accomplishments of the Rock Island Arsenal to the entire region.

May Featured Programs


WQPT PBS Featured Program

The Registry

Thursday, May 9 | 9:00PM

WQPT PBS Featured Program

Golden Cross to Bear

Thursday, May 13 | 8:00PM-10:30PM
Sunday, May 16 | 10:00–11:30PM

WQPT PBS Featured Program

Letters Home to Hero Street

Thursday, May 13 | 10:30PM
Tuesday, May 25 | 11:00PM


WQPT PBS Featured Program

The Greatest Bond

Sunday, May 23 | 11:00PM

WQPT PBS Featured Program

A Bridge Too Far
from Hero Street

Tuesday, May 25 | 11:30PM

WQPT PBS Featured Program

Military Family Documentary

Thursday, May 27 | 11:00PM


WQPT PBS Featured Program

Debt of Honor

Sunday, May 30 | 6:00PM

WQPT PBS Featured Program

D-Day at Pointe-Du-Hoc

Sunday, May 30 | 7:00PM

WQPT PBS Featured Program

D-Day: Over Normandy

Sunday, May 30 | 8:00PM


WQPT PBS Featured Program

Surrender on the
USS Missouri

Sunday, May 30 | 9:00PM

WQPT PBS Featured Program

Grandpa’s War Story
Goes Viral

Sunday, May 30 | 10:00PM

WQPT PBS Featured Program

Remembering Vietnam

Sunday, May 30 | 11:00PM


Fishing Behind the Lines

Featured Stories of Service

Stories of Service | Chris Thodos

Stories of Service | Jackie Inman

Stories of Service | Nathan Acree


Stories of Service | Michael Weinrich

Stories of Service | Nathan and Annie Cox

Stories of Service | Barney Young

Arsenal History Minutes


Watch more Arsenal Minutes on You Tube

Veteran Resources

Coming back to civilian life brings new challenges, new opportunities and stories of remarkable courage and accomplishment. Public media tells stories that help communities understand the veteran experience. We gathered some popular resources for veterans and their families.


Veterans Coming Home Logo

Through Veterans Coming Home, public media connects veterans to resources and services for a successful transition to civilian life.

Family Resources

Family Resources

For veterans, reintegrating to family life can be extremely challenging. Sometimes it's more difficult than being away and it's not easy for family members, either.
Learn more

Job Resources

Employment Resources

Find tools for translating military experience to civilian job skills and other resources for transitioning to the civilian workplace or for helping employers understand veterans.
Learn more

Edcuational Resources

Educational Resources

There are numerous educational incentives and resources for veterans seeking degrees or job training. Access the GI Bill comparison tool and other useful educational resources.
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Additional Resources for Veterans