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April 6, 2022

Making a Difference!


WQPT PBS Ambassadors

A fun and rewarding experience offers college and graduating high school students hands-on experience by representing WQPT PBS.

Regional students have been making a difference for several years as WQPT PBS Ambassadors, an elite volunteer group representing the station throughout eastern Iowa and western Illinois.

Since 2004, the program has provided more than 200 students with hands-on experience with event planning, education, marketing, public affairs, and more. This invaluable opportunity allows students to gain real-world experience while representing one of America's most trusted brands—Public Television—and WQPT.

WQPT PBS Ambassadors are a highly trained extension of the WQPT PBS volunteer team representing the station throughout the region with library visits, summer activities, events, and other locations.

This three month summer program occurs June—August.


Apply today!

Apply online or call 309/764-2400 for additional information. (2022 Application Deadline: May 16 )