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August 17, 2023

WQPT PBS Productions Nominated


Two of our locally written and produced programs have been nominated for a Mid-American Regional Emmy Award—one of the most prestigious awards in television.

WQPT PBS' locally produced programs have garnered prestigious nominations for the Mid-American Regional Emmy Awards, a hallmark of excellence within the television industry. Among the distinguished categories, Snapshots: Your Dutch Friend, in the DOCUMENTARY—HISTORICAL category, chronicles the poignant correspondence between two Iowa sisters and Anne Frank amidst the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam.

In the ENTERTAINMENT–SHORT FORM category, Snapshots: Norma Jean, the Elephant, captures the remarkable lives of twin elephants, one tragically struck by lightning during an Illinois performance.

These nominations underscore WQPT PBS' mastery of storytelling, with commendations extending to the exceptional contributions of Lora Adams-Kopriva and Chris Ryder. “I’m thrilled to see our hard-working and talented team recognized by this nomination,” said Dawn Schmitt, WQPT PBS' General Manager. "Congratulations to them for this well-deserved recognition of their exemplary service in sharing stories of our region with our viewing audience."

Snapshots: Your Dutch Friend

The story of how two young sisters, Juanita and Betty Wagner of Danville, Iowa, became pen pals with Anne Frank and her sister Margo, just as Nazi Germany occupied Amsterdam on May 10, 1940. The letters that united these four young girls are now owned and displayed by the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, CA. The Danville, Iowa Station Museum is the only remote location where the Wiesenthal Center allows copies of the letters to be displayed.
Written and produced by Lora Adams-Kopriva; Video, editing and writing by Chris Ryder.

Snapshots: Norma Jean, the Elephant

The story of twin elephants who each became famous through extraordinary circumstances, one suffering a tragic death by lightning while scheduled to perform in Oquawka, Illinois.
Written and produced by Lora Adams-Kopriva; Video, editing and writing by Chris Ryder.

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