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June 24, 2024

Technology Upgrade


New Master Control "Rack"

June marks a significant milestone for WQPT PBS as we announce the installation of a new Master Control rack. This state-of-the-art equipment signifies a substantial upgrade for the station, enhancing our operational capabilities and broadcasting quality.

The Master Control rack is essential to operations, managing everything from signal routing to guaranteeing that our programming reaches viewers with the highest possible quality.

“The installation of this technology allows WQPT PBS to link arms with an industry leader that provides joint master control and technology services to public television stations nationwide. The result is the clearest over-the-air signal possible for our viewers in the communities we serve,” said Terry Wilson, WQPT PBS Director of Marketing and Development.

The installation and integration of the new Master Control rack is scheduled to take place from late June to mid-July. We want to assure our viewers that they should expect minimal, if any, disruption to our regular broadcast schedule during the transition.

What is a Master Control Rack?

The Master Control rack is a specialized setup used in television broadcasting to organize and house all the essential hardware for managing broadcast signals. It plays a crucial role in routing and switching signals, monitoring audio and video quality, automating program and commercial schedules, and ensuring seamless content transmission. By centralizing these functions, it simplifies the management and maintenance of the various components that keep WQPT PBS on the air.


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