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A Tradition of Community Involvement


Throughout our history, volunteers and WQPT PBS have enjoyed a rich and rewarding partnership.

Our first group of volunteers summoned up the resources, support and community interest to create the station in 1983.

Today, our volunteers continue to make a valuable contribution to the station. Volunteers assist our staff in the WQPT PBS offices, helping out at events, community outreach activities, and help with membership campaigns. We simply could not provide you the outstanding programming and services we do without the dedication and support from our volunteers.

PDF WQPT PBS Volunteer Application

WQPT Groundbreaking

A Tradition of Community Involvement

Like our founding group of volunteers, WQPT PBS volunteers share a common commitment to the station. They play a critical role that helps bring public television and our Educational Outreach initiatives to the region we serve. They also share a belief that the station plays an essential role in the educational and cultural life in our communities. Each and every volunteer brings a unique contribution to WQPT PBS.

Volunteering Opportunities

A few hours of your time is a fun and valuable way to get involved; and equally important is the outstanding impact your time will have for the station. Volunteers help the station keep operational costs low, while enhancing our outreach services and more.


Make a Difference.

Assist at Events

Do you enjoying being with people? From Imagination Station to the beverage tent at the John Deere Classic, volunteers see the far-reaching impact WQPT has throughout the region.

Advisory Board

Share your ideas and love for WQPT PBS by participating with our Community Advisory Board. This groups helps WQPT PBS maintain its outstanding value to the region.

Office Support

Help our staff in a variety activities such as answering phones calls, general office tasks, helping us prepare for events and member services. Volunteers may also help with important member mailings.

WQPT PBS Ambassadors

For college students, this volunteer program is an opportunity to represent WQPT.


Catch them smiling when you snap photos at WQPT PBS special events!

Membership Drives

Assist with our member growth and retention. Help with various in-house and/or studio activities such as camera work or paperwork.


Become an Volunteer

We are required, by law, to have volunteers complete and submit a volunteer application form.
The complete form may be returned via e-mail, postal mail or dropped off at our offices in Moline.

PDF WQPT PBS Volunteer Application

For more information, contact us online or 309-764-2400 during normal business hours.


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