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Wharton: A House of Legacy

A historical and intimate tale of the local legacy of Wharton Field House told through a myriad of intergenerational stories and experiences that highlights the importance this facility has on the Quad Cities community.


Telling the story of the iconic

Wharton Field House

Wharton Field House


Much more than a structure, Moline's Wharton Field House is beloved by many, where games have been won and lost, couples have become engaged, and generations of families have spent their Friday and Saturday nights—it's a place where communities come together.

Wharton Field House is an institution. Moline's iconic field house has welcomed world-famous musicians, politicians, professional sports, high school athletics, and a multitude of other public events.

This documentary will feature Wharton Field House's rich history by showcasing some of the amazing stories that occurred within its walls.


Did you know...

Wharton Field House opened in 1928 with a basketball game between Moline High School and Kewanee High School—and has hosted NBA, royalty, and musical guests, including Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, The Byrds, and Tommy Dorsey's Orchestra. Plus, numerous notable guests, including Michelle Obama, Jack Benny, Hulk Hogan, and Barry Goldwater.

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Original Broadcast Date

Friday, April 26

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Interior photography of Wharton Field House provided by Vincent Johnson (Other Vertical).
Used by permission. © 2024 by Vincent Johnson. All rights reserved. USA.


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