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WQPT Staff


Mary Pruess
General Manager
309/764-2400 ext. 65022

Dawn Schmit
Business Manager
309/764-2400 ext. 65032

Amanda Bergeson
Office Support Associate
309/764-2400 ext. 65024

Development, Membership & Special Events

Jamie Lange
Chief Development Officer
309/764-2400 ext. 65030

Candace Eastman
Membership Coordinator
309/764-2400 ext. 65023

Bea Brasel
Special Events &
Volunteer Coordinator
309/764-2400 ext. 65031




Scott Brouette
Assistant Director,
Quad Cities Student Services
309/764-2400 ext. 62305

Jerry Myers
Program Manager
309/764-2400 ext. 65025

Richard Diamond
Traffic/Operations Coordinator
309/764-2400 ext. 65019

Marketing, Local Content & Production

Lora Adams
Director of Marketing
& Local Content
309/764-2400 ext. 65029

Chris Ryder
Video Production & Editing
309/764-2400 ext. 65015



Closed Captioning is a service which allows persons with hearing disabilities to read dialogue or the audio portion of a video, film or other presentation on the television screen. If you would like to learn more about Closed Captioning, visit If you have questions or technical issues regarding Closed Captioning, please contact us.