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We believe that no matter your experience or age, interests or income, WQPT PBS is yours, a space and community for everyone. With your support we ignite a love of learning, deepen understanding, broaden horizons, and connect people to the world around them—anywhere, anytime.

WQPT PBS serves more than 800,000 residents in Eastern Iowa and Western and North-Central Illinois. Thank you for welcoming us into your home. You have transformed your televisions into history lessons and cooking classes, into National Parks and Great Performances.

This is WQPT PBS. We thank our viewers, regional partners and Western Illinois University for their continued support!

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When you chip in to help charities like WQPT PBS, you could win! (Prizes include a 2022 Lexus RX lease). But the real winners are the children our educational outreach offers. When you chip in, WQPT PBS receives 100% of your donation, plus a bonus from the Birdies for Charity Bonus Fund, of at least 5%. Register online or download the official pledge card.


A Media & Outreach Source for Everyone

WQPT Viewers


WQPT Viewers

PBS has been named the most trusted media brand for the 19th consecutive year, according to the 2022 Trust Survey. Americans believe that PBS and stations like WQPT PBS provide an excellent service to communities as an educational media brand for children and a trusted destination for news and information.

Outsized Performance

Like the old PBS KIDS program "Thomas the Tank," WQPT PBS is the "little engine that could." Throughout our history we have made an outsized impact. WQPT PBS is nationally recognized as fiscal solid and dynamic station, able to pivot and adapt to these rapidally changing times—while ensuring its value to the region it serves.

WQPT PBS Viewers

What began as a vision by a small group of dedicated citizens in 1983—with just four hours of daily programming—we now reach more than half a million viewers with access to our programming delivered across open-air signals, cable/dish providers and our on-demand LIVE and on demand digital delivery. In addition to our primary public television channel, we also broadcast a secondary channel—Deutsche Welle.

 2022 marks WQPT PBS' 12th year anniversary in partnership with Western Illinois University. While WQPT PBS is entirely self-funded through generous donations from viewers like you and sponsor support, Western Illinois University provides in-kind support toward our important educational mission

An innovative leader

WQPT PBS Viewers

WQPT PBS has continually been recognized and honored for its forward-thinking, strategic approach and cost-saving measures including curated services such as master control operations, programming operations and digital services. This stewardship has created a fiscally solid organization, able to provide programs and educational outreach services to the region for future generations.

Collaborating with you

WQPT PBS relies on viewer input and suggestions—together you make us better. Viewer input has inspire a variety of regional programming including Quad Cities Life and Times, Arsenal Minutes, Snapshots, The Cities with Jim Mertens, and Explore with Mr. Scott.

Viewer ideas have also helped bring to life events, such as the original Imagination Station and its successful reinvention in 2015; plus a variety of engaging and purposeful mission-based educational outreach initiatives such as Embracing Our Military, Vibrant Neighborhoods and our First Book Club.

WQPT PBS' Community Advisory Board provides additional insight, suggestions and ideas for the station's continued success.

Thank you!

Serving a Diverse & Unique Region

Because of member support we are able to accomplish a variety of initiatives, events and other activities for the region we serve. We provide life-long learning opportunities to everyone in our viewing area. We extend our appreciation to everyone who helps make WQPT PBS a success, not only on our airwaves, but as your community resource and partner. Our viewing area.

WQPT First Book
First Book Program

First Book is transforming the lives of children in need and elevating the quality of education by making new, high-quality books available on an ongoing basis.

Imagination Station
Imagination Station

This free annual family-oriented event offers educational activities, demonstrations, entertainment, career exploration, and skill building in key areas like literacy, science, technology, engineering, math, art and more.

PBS ScratchJr

WQPT PBS visits schools to help kids can create their own interactive stories and games through programming games and lessons. Children learn to code through games and activities—inspiring them to be creative in new and exciting ways.

WQPT Ambassadors
WQPT Ambassadors

Consisting of college students, Ambassadors help WQPT PBS reach more than 30,000 children at events and workshops, such as our library and classroom visits. The program engages children and helps to build awareness for WQPT PBS.

Job Resources
Embracing Our Military

Coming back to civilian life brings challenges and opportunities, as well as stories of remarkable courage and sacrifice. We help the region explore and understand the veteran experience.

Edcuational Resources
PBS LearningMedia

This next-generation digital media service, empowers PreK–16 educators to re-imagine classroom learning, transform teaching, and creatively engage students.

Our Mission

As a public media service of Western Illinois University, WQPT PBS actively serves a diverse audience throughout West Central Illinois and the Eastern Iowa region. WQPT PBS and our supporters are committed to providing free access to lifelong learning and entertainment, fostering educational success and cultural competency within our communities.

Our Vision

As a leading community resource, WQPT PBS challenges people to discover and shape their world, broaden their horizons and become active participants in shaping the future, making our community a remarkable place to live.

Looking Back at 35 Years of WQPT PBS

2018 marked WQPT PBS' 35th anniversary. This special presentation explores our history.