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Cartons in the Kitchen

Short Segment Series

Spark a Child's Curiosity

This short-segment series hosted by Michael Carton* (WQPT's Director of Education and Outreach) and his son show parents how kids can help in the kitchen—whether it’s washing grapes, mashing bananas, or cleaning counter tops. Simple ways to engage children in family activities.

Many families are testing out new recipes in the kitchen right now—and children may be eager to help. We know it can be difficult to find safe, simple activities for them to assist with. We hope these short segments will help families in these difficult times.

Spend time together, start simple, and watch their curiosity for cooking grow!


Washing your hands.


Preparing Parsley
Preparing Pineapple


Peeling Mandarin Oranges
Separating Eggs


Set a Dinner Table
Cleaning Kitchen Counters


Preparing grapes.
Preparing lettuce for a salad.


Preparing bananas for Banana Bread.
Preparing mushrooms.



*Michael Carton, is a father of 3 young boys and WQPT's Director of Education and Outreach. He enjoys spending time in the kitchen with his wife and children. As a former primary teacher, Michael is always looking for learning opportunities for his children.
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