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Creating opportunities for children to succeed.

WQPT PBS Auction
WQPT PBS Auction


The world is full of possibilities and so is every child.

Education is at the very core of our mission. One of our primary goals is to celebrate the good in every child. We broadcast outstanding educational programs for kids, but we do so much more to engage children to discover new things. We educate children, parents, childcare providers and educators with life lessons for little learners.

Differences are celebrated to improve the likelihood of success for low literate, low income, English language learners, and special needs families through literacy and child development workshops. We visit preschools and elementary classrooms with loveable characters throughout the region and provide thousands of free books and learning materials to students whose families cannot afford them to encourage laughter and learning.

We sponsor and facilitate professional development opportunities for Early Childhood educators. In addition, we host station events like Imagination Station and other supported community activities where kids can be themselves and help families be a tour guide to the world.

Why Choose WQPT PBS?

When you tune into WQPT PBS for your own viewing experience or for a child's, you're tuning into the PBS network of quality television that not only enlightens and entertains, but also educates.

As television viewers we have numerous choices—but you can always count on WQPT PBS to provide you with outstanding programming that enriches everyone's life. Read more

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Explore our Outreach

We bring a variety of quality resources, include the best resources from PBS KIDS and PBS Parents to the region through workshops, school visits, library activities, special initiatives and events. These resources provide support for parents, educators and caregivers who touch the lives of our children and strengthen our community's future. WQPT helps engage children on a variety of levels including STEM skills and new technologies.

WQPT First Book

First Book Program

First Book is transforming the lives of children in need and elevating the quality of education by making new, high-quality books available on an ongoing basis. We have placed more than 450,000 free books in the hands of children throughout the region.

Imagination Station

Imagination Station

This free annual family-oriented event offers educational activities, demonstrations, entertainment, career exploration, and skill building in key areas like literacy, science, technology, engineering, math, art and more.


PBS ScratchJr

WQPT visits schools to help children create their own interactive stories and games through programming games and lessons. Children learn to code through games and activities—inspiring them to be creative in new and exciting ways.

Ready to Learn

Ready To Learn

One of our primary missions is to prepare young children to arrive at school 'ready to learn' and to assist their parents, educators and childcare providers with ideas on how to be Ready to Teach.

Embracing Our Military

Embracing Our Military

With a primarily adult audience, Embracing Our Military is an outreach initiative which brings attention to veterans and military service personnel challenges and opportunities.

Edcuational Resources

PBS LearningMedia

This next-generation digital media service empowers PreK–16 educators to re-imagine classroom learning, transform teaching and creatively engage students.

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